Delay theThreat.
Stop The Threat.

Active Shooter Escape/Evasion Shield (ASESS)
► Custom Ballistic Form Factors
► Non-Shattering Window Films

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‣ Custom CQB
‣ Pistol-Rifle
‣ Active Shooter Response
‣ Lifesaving Medical Training

Organizations and schools, Law Enforcement/MIL, Private.


About Us

Fox2Sierra is a veteran-owned company providing custom training, products and protective solutions for organizations, individuals, and tactical teams. Protect yourself, protect the innocent, protect our future.

Our Mission

Utilize our unique collection of Tier One, SOF, and law enforcement experience to provide realistic life-saving tools and skills to organizations, every-day people and tactical teams. We believe the risk to yourself, your organization, and your team can be minimized to its lowest factor through definitive and progressive training and solutions in NON-INTRUSIVE form factors.


Protective Form Factors


Active Shooter Response

Organizations, LE/MIL.

Life-Saving Medical

Private, Organizations.


Private, Organizations, LE/MIL.

Close Quarters Combat

Private, Organizations, LE/MIL.

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