Izzy Fried
Founder, CEO

Chief Executive Officer. Israel ‘Izzy’ Fried has been a trial attorney in New York City practicing criminal law for 25 years handling many high-profile cases.

Before starting his own firm, Izzy served as a prosecutor in Kings County (Brooklyn) and completed selection into the FBI as a Special Agent. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Izzy served 2.5 years as a paratrooper in the Israeli Defense Forces. Izzy is an NRA-certified firearms instructor, a tactics instructor with EDC training company, and a supervisor and team member of a 501 (3) (c) all-volunteer armed security guard company that provides licensed and insured embedded security guards in houses of worship, schools, and community centers. He is a former volunteer member of the New Jersey Search and Rescue Team.

David Taller
Founder, COO

David Taller has worked in the security and firearms industries for more than 20 years. He is certified by FEMA in Emergency Management

And Active Shooter Response as well as Tactical Combat Casualty Care and is a Range Safety Officer. He is a certified firearms and tactics instructor and the Director of Operations of the Six13 Guard Academy training armed guards for the protection of schools and houses of worship in New York City. David lives on Long Island with his wife and four children.

Chris Fettes
Founder, CSO

Chris grew up Monterey, CA and joined the Navy after 9-11 to in serve his country, with a deep desire to protect America and the people he loves

from those that mean us harm. He is the father of two boys and has been married to his soulmate Jessica for 11 years. After 13 years of operating at SEAL Team 10 and SEAL Team 6 and several tours to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, Chris completed what he came to do in the Navy and separated to focus on his family. After transitioning to civilian life Chris set himself on a path to understanding his purpose, and doing the things he cares most about in life.

Dominic Luke
Medical Director

Dominic Luke is the Director of Medical Training and Emergency Preparedness for Fox2Sierra. Dominic served 10 years in the Special Operations community as an

Air Force Pararescueman and then as a tactical medical instructor within Naval Special Warfare. Dominic understands the need for individuals to have the working knowledge, the critical thinking skills, and the capabilities to perform in a variety of different environments and landscapes. Dominic guides clients to develop a custom emergency action plan and medical training scenarios to ensure everyone involved is proficient and confident in life saving interventions. Dominic ensures that every client is equipped, knowledgeable, and ready to implement the safety and security action plan created for themselves and their organization.
The custom training Dominic builds with the client are:
– Tactical and Civilian Emergency Medicine
– Mass Casualty Incident Management
– Strategic Development of an Emergency Action Plan
– Training and Equipping an Executive Protection Detail
– Risk Mitigation through decision making process and mindset management
Dominic lives outside of New Orleans, LA with his wife and children and is the founder and operator of Guardian Rescue Innovative Training (GRIT) and Love More Hot Yoga.

Shane Fredericks
Director of Strategic Operations and Communication

Shane Fredericks brings to our team a wealth of experience, primarily focused on his extensive time in combat and special operations, particularly as a Reconnaissance Marine. His 17 year career in the Marine Corps is defined by significant assignments in challenging geographic locations and high-stakes operations.

As an infantry Marine, In Iraq and Afghanistan, he led critical combat patrols and engaged in strategic key leader engagements, demonstrating his adeptness in both leadership and tactical execution. His exceptional performance in these complex environments earned him prestigious commendations, highlighting his skill in navigating high-pressure situations.

As a Reconnaissance Marine, both with Force Recon units and division Recon units, Shane’s expertise was further honed. He adeptly coordinated and executed a variety of reconnaissance missions, often in collaboration with special operations forces. His role involved intricate planning and leadership in VBSS (Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure) missions, Deliberate raids , long range Reconnaissance , and Special insert and extracts in dynamic environments, demonstrating his proficiency in both maritime and land-based operations.

His deployments across Africa, the Middle East, and the Pacific have imbued him with a unique understanding of diverse operational environments. His leadership in multinational missions and the development of advanced reconnaissance SOPs reflects his innovative approach to military operations.

Awarded the Purple Heart and multiple commendations for his service, his contributions extend beyond traditional combat roles, encompassing advanced tactical training and strategic planning. Shane’s experience, especially in Reconnaissance and special operations, brings an invaluable perspective to our team, embodying resilience, strategic thinking, and unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Andrew Simic

Andrew is committed, dedicated, and humble. He has always put the client and the mission first.

Former Force Reconnaissance
United States Marine Corps

Former Mobile Security Specialist
(Global Response Staff)

Former Risk Assessment Specialist
Surefox North America

Expeditionary Protection Agent
Eagle Eye International

He joined the Marine Corps in 2008. After his first deployment with 2D Reconnaissance Battalion, Andrew attended the Force Reconnaissance assessment and selection and was selected to serve with 1 MEF Force Reconnaissance Company, where he further developed skills in the domain of CQB, special reconnaissance and intra-theater cooperation with allied nations. Andrew ended his service with 1st Force Reconnaissance Company in February 2016.
After his discharge he went on to Global Response Staff, deploying to hostile environments serving as a protective agent for U.S. Intelligence Services.

Robbie Michaelis
Director of Law Enforcement Business Development

Over 35 years of investigative experience working in the Federal Government, NY State and NYC Governments as well as in the private sector. Highly decorated and respected investigator with numerous international and domestic contacts throughout law enforcement.

25 years as a Special Agent and Supervisor for DEA working in the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force (NYDETF), New York Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Strike Force, New York Field Division Front Office, Long Island District Office, JFK Airport Task Force and the Paris, France Country Office.

With DEA was known for working highly complex international and domestic conspiracy cases investigating the Cali Cartel and other criminal organizations, involving narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and homicide. Developed an expertise in interviewing witnesses and suspects, analyzing documentary and physical evidence, physical and electronic surveillance, and case development.

Since retirement from DEA in 2012 has held several different investigative and security positions in Government and the private sector.

Troy Vanno

Troy is a full-time SWAT officer and teaches a myriad of topics in Law Enforcement including CQC, SWAT Sniper School, Active shooter,

Basic and Advanced firearms and Tactical Casualty Combat Care (TCCC). Troy served multiple combat deployments in the currently serves in the Army National Guard. Troy is also owner of Defender Series Training Group.

Maurice Manigoe

Goat was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He retired after 20 years in the Navy where he started as a Gunner’s Mate before going to BUD/S.

Maurice spent 16 years as a SEAL and is currently a CQC/tactical shooting instructor with the East Coast Maritime Security Response Team, specializing in maritime counter-terrorism operations. He has a passion for training and enjoys spending his time with his wife of 15 years and their two boys.

Julian Trent McDonald
K-9 Trainer/Handler

17 years k9 experience 4 years as a special operations handler with over 300 direct night action missions resulting in 43 apprehensions 10 IED finds 6 combat ropes.

2 years as the special operations head K9 instructor training over 250 special operations K9s in apprehension, room clearing, gun fire, explosive breaching and detection, tracking and area search.

2 years with the federal beru of Indian affairs as the kennel master in the Midwest training police, casino security and the fire department k9s in apprehension, narcotic detection, arson detection, counterfeit money detection, deadly pathogen detection, gunfire and room clearing.

9 years owning my own K9 training business training military k9, police K9 and there personal as well as training pet dogs for civilians. Also I train my personal dog and I compete in the sport of PSA with him.

Devon Allen

Devon is a husband of 5 years and became a father in 2022, guiding him to become a SEAL reservist after serving six years active duty in NSW.

Devon has trained a multitude of elite partner forces in maritime operations, firearms training, CQC, urban warfare, static and dynamic ranges.

Currently working as a security advisor and maritime security contractor, Devon also enjoys personal training and making a change in people’s lives from a fitness standpoint. 

Tommy Zarate

Tommy is a former US Army combat medic based out of Ft. Bragg, NC. He has performed combat medicine and village medical operations

in Eastern Afghanistan and is currently an ER Critical Care Practitioner at the West LA Veteran’s Affairs hospital. Tommy is pursuing his second Master degree in Austere Critical Care to include remote and offshore experience in medicine at PrettyBay Shore, Malta focusing on critical care and theory in low-resource environments. Over the past 12 months Tommy has mobilized to Ukraine over 5 trips proving medical training and combat medicine to militar and national police units, and has been featured in Ukraine state media and MSNBC for his work.

Richie Stefan
Fabricator and Installer

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, 10 years in sales training/ recruitment and 15 years in project management Richard specializes in bringing construction teams together to facilitate small, large and complex construction projects.

As owner and founder of Stracoa ( Strategic Construction Services of America ) and Strategic Steel, Richard brings the knowledge and ability to build ballistic safe rooms and ballistic boards for homes, schools, churches, synagogues and businesses.


Eric R. Avvisato
Director of Sniper Operations and Training

Eric R. Avvisato brings a wealth of experience to our team, grounded in his extensive military career focused on reconnaissance, special operations, and sniper expertise. His 21-year tenure in the Marine Corps encompasses vital deployments in challenging locations and high-stakes operations.

As a Scout Sniper in Iraq and Afghanistan, Eric demonstrated exceptional leadership and tactical proficiency, conducting critical combat patrols, sniper employment operations, and reconnaissance missions. His skills in high-pressure environments earned him commendations, including the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with valor device and Combat Action Ribbon with two gold stars.

Transitioning to critical roles in Force Recon units, division Recon units, and Marine Special Operations Units (MARSOC), Avvisato’s expertise expanded to intricate mission planning and execution, collaborating with joint special operations forces in diverse operations. His experience spans VBSS missions, long-range reconnaissance, and specialized insert and extracts, showcasing his adeptness in both maritime and land-based operations.

Avvisato’s deployments across strategic global locations, including the Middle East and the Pacific, have equipped him with a profound understanding of varied operational contexts. His leadership in multinational missions and the development of advanced reconnaissance SOPs reflect his innovative approach to military operations, solidifying his invaluable contribution to our team.

Brice Adney
Chief Sniper Tactics Instructor

Brice Adney, is a distinguished member of our team whose career in the USMC Reconnaissance community spans over 12 years, marked by exceptional achievements in reconnaissance, surveillance, and sniping. His journey through various facets of conventional, unconventional, and special operations has solidified his reputation as an expert in his field, bringing invaluable skills and insights to our team.

In the realm of Sniping and precision engagements, Brice has proven his mettle as an exceptional marksman and tactician. His time at the Marine Corps Basic Scout Sniper School was marked by significant achievements, including top honors in his class, reflecting his mastery of precision marksmanship and tactical acumen. His skill set extends to urban, aerial, maritime, and conventional long gun engagements, a challenging discipline that requires adapting traditional sniping techniques throughout a multitude of dynamic environments. As a formal school trained Urban, mountain, and aerial Sniper Instructor, he has been pivotal in training the next generation of snipers, equipping them with the skills necessary to operate effectively in urban settings, shaping the capabilities and readiness of units globally for a wide array of demanding operational scenarios. His contribution to the field of sniping extends beyond the battlefield into the realm of education and mentorship. Brice’s expertise in reconnaissance and surveillance is unparalleled. His tenure has seen him excel in gathering critical intelligence in diverse environments, a skill honed through rigorous training and real-world dynamic operations. His proficiency in technical surveillance sets him apart, demonstrating an adept use of advanced technology to collect and analyze vital data. This expertise is crucial in modern military operations, where precision and accuracy in intelligence gathering are paramount. Brice’s role in reconnaissance and surveillance missions has been instrumental in the success of numerous joint operations, showcasing his strategic thinking and attention to detail. Through his dedication, skill, and leadership, Brice has become an invaluable asset to our team, embodying the highest standards of excellence and commitment. As you explore his journey and accomplishments, you will gain insight into the depth of expertise and experience that Brice brings to our team.

Frank Simmons
Sniper Tactics Instructor

Frank Simmons brings a wealth of combat experience and instructor knowledge to the team with his 20+ years experience throughout the GWOT in Sniper Operations, Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Maritime VBSS/Gas and Oil Platform (GOPLAT) takedowns, CQT, Combatant Dive, Military Free Fall, sUAS, Executive Protection, and Sniper/CQT Marksmanship Instruction.

Frank’s real world experience spans vastly from Sniper Operations in the early years of the GWOT (Battle of Fallujah Iraq), Force Reconnaissance deploying at a moments notice for combat operations, personal security detail for Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and the Commandant of the Marine Corps (General Conway), Visit Board Search and Seizure missions attached to NSW DEVGRU, and a multitude of tailored USSOCOM security missions for U.S. Embassies in high threat countries. Most recently Frank has worked for Anduril Industries leading diverse teams of Engineers overseas for Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) at various undisclosed JSOC/SOCOM bases in high threat locations around the world.


Military awards include the Silver Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with 2 stars in lieu of 3rd award, and the Combat Action Ribbon with 1 star in lieu of 2nd Award.

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